Svayamprakasha of those great souls who renounced the world for the sake of world alone to constantly uplift the society form their darkness of deep misery and guide us to the every consistent path of satchidananda which they mastered by constant churning of ‘Dharma Jyoti’ so that no matter whatever difficulties arise in due course of sustaining and institutionalizing the dharma is looked upon has to be attributed to the strong Linage of Teachers i.e., Guruparampara which lies in ‘Sanatana Dharma’ of this great land of karma ‘Bharatha’.

This Great linage of Teachers Arising from ‘Adiyogi Sri Dakshinamurthi’, ‘Dattatreya’ and later passed down to many great saints onto reaching Its golden Peak under ‘Bhagavan Shankaracharya’, this divine essence of philosophy is still omnipresent in all great teachers who are taking form till recent times to constantly drum the philosophical beats to reinstate dharma in this world, in this great philosophical and theological linage if at all any linage is present without getting entangled with any modern time debate-counter debate, influenceill influence, logic-illogic’s then it must be the great linage of ‘Avadhutas’.

‘Bhagavan Dattatreya’ is the fore founder and who is looked upon as the greatest avadhuta to have walked across this universe, later reincarnating as ‘Sripada Srivallaba’ and ‘Nrsimha Saraswati’ reinstated and liberated many souls in this universe from the deep clutches of misery through their ‘Svayamprakasha’ of ‘Atmagyana’. In the same linage of people who we can ever remember and recite their holy name is our beloved teacher ‘Sri Venkatachalaiah’ popularly known as ‘Gurunatha’.

‘Gurunatharu’ incarnated in the holy calendar of Vikrama in month of Margashira on Krishna Paksha Shasthi (6th Lunar Day after Full Moon) to holy couple of Sri. Veda Brahma Kudluru Srinivasaiah and Srimati. Sharadamma at Sakharayapattana Village, Kaduru Taluk, Chikkamagalur District.

‘Gurunatharu’ Led fruitful life like one among all set a benchmark on the living standard for 70 odd Years which was filled with Ever constant eternal Bliss and showed us the path of how one can make his life meaningful In a short timeframe in context to cosmic time deluge of Universe.

Much before the birth of Gurnatha, Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati blessed the Holy Mother in her Dream that “I’ll be taking form of young boy and born to you as your son”. And when indeed this blessing came true and a Beautiful baby boy was born to the couple the entire family were pleased and enjoyed the bliss of birth of wonder child and named the boy as ‘Venkatachalaiah’ a synonym to lord of Tirupati. Later the ceremony of ‘Chudakarma’ was carried out at Tirupati at further the ceremony of ‘Upanayana’ was carried at their ancestral house at Sakharayapattana at the age of 8 or 10 with presence of family, relatives, well-wishers.

Sri. Veda Brahma Kudluru Srinivasaiah and Srimati. Sharadamma hailed from Brahmin families who are strict followers of religious practices in line with Sruti & Smriti’s in accordance to their linage and were humble people who practiced them to the fullest and were looked upon to have great knowledge & Equally Greater compassion towards the people around their surroundings and looked upon as role models for the Vedic householders life in line with holy scriptures. The young boy started to familiarize and incline towards god and attributes by listening to many stories which are rendered to him by his father of great divine entities of Saints, Philosophers and great stories of Prahlada, Dhruva, Ambarisha Etc., from Puranas (Vedic Historical References) which created the eagerness in Young Gurunatha to learn more about the ultimate way of life which one should follow, hence the life and teachings of his father played a pivotal role in future developments of Gurunatha’s life.

After the Holy Ceremony of Upanayana, Gurunatha started to visit his Uncle’s home in Banavara (a small town Approximately 30 Miles to his native) for study of Vedic scriptures, the ceremonial teachings were being carried out near field full of Mango & Coconut trees and in same locality the ‘Brindavan’ of Holy Mystic Saint from past ‘His Holyness Sri Sri Sri Krishnayogindra Saraswati Paramahamsa’ was present.

One day one old man came up to young boy and said “Here you take, Curd rice; I know you are Hungry”, the young boy accepts the same and immediately the old man vanishes into another Brindavan of Sri Sri Sri Narayanayogindra Saraswati who was the Deciple of Sri Krishnayogindra Saraswati, the boy gets memorised with this divine phenomenon and starts having visions of Elephant, Horses, Kings, Wise men, Money, mountain full of wealth Etc., and a celestial Voice was also heard saying “Son! Is you expect these to be yours, then they are surely yours for taking, if you ignore these and expect me; then you’ll attain the kindom of yog, now chose wisely, what you need? ”. the boy having already set his sail on divin path chose the latter to wish for living a yogic way than worldly way and thus immediately he could have the visions of both the saints in quick succession and later the Boy decided to take up Banavara as his divine penance place where he would involve himself to conduct the ‘Adhyatma Sadhana’ and thus turning this already holy land to even holier.

One day after upanayana at age of 10 Young Gurunatha got the darshana and blessings from His Holyness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Chandrashekara Bharati Mahaswamigal of Sringeri Sharada Peetam and Divine Mystic Monk, His Holyness Sri Shankaralinga Bhagavan Saraswati Paramahamsa of Komaranahalli and received instructions from them as “You need to carry lot of Burden of this World on your Shoulders!”

Parallel to his ‘Adhyatma Sadhana’, Contemporary modern Education was also being carried out initially schoolings at Sakharayapattana and later in Bangalore and he obtained B.Sc from Vijaya Collage, Bangalore. Later when Gurunatha’s father falls ill due to age, he comes back to his hometown to take care on his duties of being a loyal son and takes up activities of farming. As per Hindu customary he took up wife by name Smt. Padmavati and leads the riotous life of householder in accordance with Scriptures and has 3 children through the process. The Motto of Gurunatha was “To be present in this material world and live Eternal” and there is no better exponent of this motto than him, as he indulged himself as reiteous householder activities of Japa, Tapa, Sandhyanustana, Aruna Poorvaka Suryanamaskara, Gurucharitra Paarayana, Etc., and regularly visiting the holy and positive places of Eternal energies and in particular making multiple visits to Ashram of Sri. Shankaralinga Bhagavan and indulged in the activities of ashram and by virtue of which he set his sail even more strongly on the part towards by reaching the state of “Atita Avastha” Thus becoming a Mystic “Avadhuta” at relatively young age (by standards of Cosmic Universe to attain Liberation) of 48.

As committed to the words of his father, Gurunatha did not disappoint any being who approached him for any help & guidences may it be material or Eternal, he would immediately liberate them from their misery and make them feel the bliss, all the beings were fed to satisfy their quench for any hunger be it Hunger in real sense or eternal, he never really taught anything in particular to anyone, but he taught the world a great lesson by actionally doing things than mere talking thus becoming a “Nishkama Yogi”.

Whenever there are disputes due to tiny reasons and aggregated over the course due to ignorance, Gurunatha used to solve them; from showing the path to finding solution by means of respecting and taking care of elders, following the footsteps of elders in right way were the methods to attain eternal realization. Gurunatha did not really make great debates and speeches on the profound Vedanta to anyone instead he used to ask people to look deep within and ask themselves certain questions towards finding solutions to desires creeping from within such as Ego, Lust, Anger, Pride, Jealousy, etc., than looking outwards and blaming others or the environment for these desires and actions.

“It’s not Giving, Neither taking; instead Cow Giving Milk is Sanyasa” – Gurunatha

“One should embrace Kashaya to the Mind not to mere Body” – Gurunatha

“Sorditity is to involve himself with actions of others” - Gurunatha

Through these simple yet great meaningful saying, Gurunatha used to invoke the visitors mind with greater positivity, always each and everyone who visited would be fed well and later scrutinize each and every individual to their core and make them realize their own acts and deeds and thus acting like a mirror which reflects the person who views it, similarly each individual no matter learnt or ignorant who approached Gurunatha could re-enquire himself and find the right path towards obligations and goals of their life.

The Greatest Joy for Gurunatha was to feed all beings when they are in hunger, irrespective of cast & Creed, Human and animals, everyone who visited his place were provided food on daily basis till the last breath. In due course not only humans but even animals enjoyed the peace and bliss at the holy feet of Gurunatha.

Gurunatha was showing intense devotion towards the monks, saints, teachers who visited him by he himself making all the arrangement s and involving himself deeply in making obligatory offerings to them which used to drive ‘Nishkama Karma’ all along with everyone who were in his presence. Gurunatha was also very keen and instrumental in finding out the Final Resting places and penance places for saints and monks who uplifted the society by the way of renunciation, also Gurunatha involved himself in organising ceremonial obligations for the great souls and Awoke the importance of honouring the greats who lived one among us in past.

By obtaining Visions and Blessings from Jagadguru Sri. Chandrashekhara Bharati of Sringeri, Sri. Shankaralinga Bhagavan of Komaranahalli, Sri Sheshachala Bhagavan and Sri Narayana Bhagavan of Agadi, Sri Chidambara Mahaswami of Gubbi, Abhinava Shankara Sri Sacchidaanandendra Saraswati of Holenarasipura and Mahatapasvi Sri Krishnayogindra Saraswati Paramahamsa and his Deciples, gurunatha set up many Vidvat Sabha & Satsang and during his last days spent lot of time with saint who had attained Samadhi Sri Gnananandendra Saraswati at Vishakapattanam, and set up many ‘Bhava Brindavana’s at many of the followers houses, and let a meaningful ever blissful life by accepting everything which came his was as ‘Ishvaranugraha’ and Submitted everything back to ‘Ishvara’.

Many of the followers refer and worship this Yogi as Avadhuta or Gurunatha.

Never getting entangled In this material world by attaching himself to any Conjunction or Disjunction, Assessment or Dis-assessment, Respect or Irrespect, Obligation – Non- Obligation and living ever blissful life on Lunar Year of Vikruti, in Holy month of Ashada on Krishna Paksha Panchami (5th Lunar Day after Full Moon) 31st July, 2010 discarded the material body and become eternal and one with ‘Omnipresent Eternal Truth’.

Thus living as true exponent of Saying’s of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad;

“Pūrṇam adaḥ, pūrṇam idaṃ, pūrṇāt pūrṇam udacyate; Pūrṇasya pūrṇam ādāya pūrṇam evāvaśiṣyate”

“ That is Infinate, and this is infinite; the infinite Proceedds from Infinate; Taking infinitude of the infinite, it remains as the infinite alone” || Sadgurucharanarpanamastu ||